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A conversation is a 24-hour session starting from the first message exchanged with the customer (visit our manual to learn more). The price of the conversation varies depending on the country of the person you are writing to. The price shown is for recipients in Italy. See all rates. In the Pro and Pro Max plans the price of the conversation varies according to the recharge made.
In the Basic plan the first top-up to be paid in advance to continue with Spoki activation. Top-ups are valid for 12 months.
Agents are the users who can access the same company account.
Total contacts that you can upload and manage in the platform. Once you have exhausted the number of contacts in the plan, you will no longer be able to add new contacts unless you move to the next plan. A contact is equivalent to a unique managed phone number.
By purchasing a post Activation top-up you will have €50 credit to use in 30 days. The first recharge can be purchased immediately or at a later stage.