Spoki e connectif

By integrating Spoki with Connectif you can use WhatsApp in your Marketing Automation strategy, sending scheduled notifications to your customers.

  1. Actions to be performed on the Spoki dashboard
    • Click on “Automations ” in the menu
    • Go to the top right of the button “New”
    • Press the “Add Start Step” button and select “Connectif”
    • Copy the link you will need to insert on Connectif
    • Insert a template as an automation step
    • Click on “Save”
  2. Actions to perform on Connectif

    You will be able to connect Spoki with Connectif via Webhook.

    • Create a new Workflow or select an existing one
    • Add a new action
    • Select “Send a webhook”
    • Set the “POST ” value as Method and insert the link previously copied from Spoki in “Webhook URL”
    • Click on Save

Integrate Spoki with Connectif

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