Be closer to the needs of your customers. Communicate with them on WhatsApp!

Provide instant responses to your customers’ inquiries. Creates automations that can guide the user through all stages of the customer journey.


What you can do with Spoki

Use your customers' preferred channel

Connect with your customers on their preferred channel.

Eighty percent of users prefer to interact with businesses on WhatsApp.

Through Spoki you can initiate conversations with your customers on WhatsApp and provide the necessary information at each stage of the purchasing process.

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Automates the most common requests

Make automated conversations that can provide users with specific information, anytime.

Create messages with chat buttons and link each button to a specific chat bot-style action in order to automate common requests and streamline the work of customer support.

The same WhatsApp chat available to the entire team

Spoki makes it possible for multiple operators to use the platform. This way the entire customer service team can simultaneously and from any device interact and respond to your customers’ needs.

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Personalize your customer service

Choose how and when to provide the information. You can choose to make the processes automated or provide assistance directly, using chat.
You can configure and choose the optimal use of Spoki according to what your business processes are. Everything is configurable and decided by you.

Differentiates customers through tags

Immediately identify customer needs: assign them specific tags based on the operator, needs, or requests received. Filter chat and quickly get in touch with customers.
With Spoki you can add notes directly within the chat, create dynamic fields, and view/edit customer master data at any time, so you are always in control of your customers’ situation.

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Insert WhatsApp buttons on your website

Insert WhatsApp buttons within your website or ecommerce to make it easier for your customers to interact with you. With our buttons you can choose the pre-filled WhatsApp message that the customer will get once the button is pressed. You can associate an automation with that pre-filled message and then send automatic support messages. Our buttons are even able to figure out which web page they were clicked from and pre-fill the message accordingly.

pulsanti di chat WhatsApp sul sito

Why use the WhatsApp channel for customer service

23 times a day

WhatsApp access

An average user checks WhatsApp more than 23 times a day.

89% of customers

Simplicity of communications

89% of people would like to communicate with their e-commerce on WhatsApp.

175 million

messages sent to businesses

average you send WhatsApp messages to corporate accounts every day.

53% of customers

Channel populousness

Users in the world. In Italy, more than 50% of the population uses WA

55% customers

+ Loyalty

55% of customers feel more connected to a brand if they use messaging apps.

66% consumers

+ confident

average you send WhatsApp messages to corporate accounts every day.

Don't fall behind. Use the WhatsApp channel in your Business