Start automations, create or update contacts on Spoki from Ecommerce self-developed through Webhook, API.

An Ecommerce self-developed:

  • It’s an online shop internally created, without using prepackeged solutions
  • Offers complete control, scalability and autonomy to the owner.
  • Offers in depth customizations according to specific needs

Automation through API:

  • Integrations of payments: Connect the online shop to different payment provider
  • Management of the inventory: Syncronize automatically the catalogue, availability and prices.
  • Shipping and tracking: Automatize the architecture, obtain tariffs in real time and offers order tracking.
  • integrations of analysis and reporting: Connect the shop to analysis tool to ghate and analyze sales data.


  • Total control to the aspect and functionalities of the shop.
  • Possibility to flexible and gradual grow.
  • Propriety and autonomy without depending on third parties

The automation through API optimize the customer’s experience, simplifies the management and grow the complessive operative efficience of the online shop. It’s fundamental to valutate the needs and the available resources to correctly implement and manage these operations