Harness the power of WhatsApp

Spoki is the conversational platform that uses WhatsApp’s official API to integrate and automate the channel. Spoki allows you to create lists, credit Tags, send messages automatically, implement chat automations, and more.

whatsapp marketing api platform

What you can do with Spoki

Mass sending of messages on WhatsApp

  • Send messages to thousands of users in a single operation

  • Overcome the limitation of registering the number in the address book: with Spoki the message will reach all your customers even if they do not have the number saved

  • Send promotional, transactional or notification messages

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Makes automations

  • Creating messages with buttons directly in chat to simplify user interaction

  • Make the conversation with the customer more personalised by including dynamic fields

  • Realise chat automations capable of answering customers' questions automatically

Send promotional campaigns

  • Create and schedule your promotional campaign on WhatsApp. Select the list of customers and the message to be sent

  • Monitor and measure the performance of your campaigns through available analytics

  • Send the message to a multitude of customers with the assurance that the message will be received and read

campagne_promozionali WhatsApp
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Integration with your marketin tools

  • Integrate the platform with eCommerce

  • Integrating the platform to CRM

  • Integrates the platform with automation marketing tools and advertising campaigns

Customer management in platform

  • Create customer lists and segment your audience directly in the platform

  • Create customer database

  • Save and view customer chat activity history

whatsapp marketing platform
whatsapp marketing platform

Live chat

  • Get in touch directly with your customers using chat

  • Enter notes to individual customers

  • Add and/or remove tags to customers

Transactional message sending and abandoned cart retrieval

  • Automatically sends transactional messages to customers

  • Automatically retrieve abandoned shopping carts directly on WhatsApp

  • Send follow up with automated review request

whatsapp recovery_cart
whatsapp api marketing platform spoki

Multi-user platform

  • Platform access to multiple operators simultaneously

  • Platform access from multiple devices (desktop and mobile)

  • Platform access from multiple accounts

Dedicated dashboards

  • View the performance of all your activities from a single panel

  • Check the available budget

  • Monitor the WhatsApp status of your account

whatsapp marketing platform spoki

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