Increase Sales with WhatsApp

Send promotional communications on WhatsApp, achieve 100% open rates and increase conversions.


What you can do with Spoki

Send promotional messages to your entire customer database

Send promotional campaigns on WhatsApp: select customer lists, write the message to be sent, and schedule the mailings.

Through Spoki, your WhatsApp messages will arrive even if the recipient does not have your number saved in the address book, thanks to the use of the official WhatsApp Business API. This will give you the confidence to reach your contact database and conquer unprecedented open rates.

promozioni su WhatsApp
promozioni su WhatsApp

Create WhatsApp sales funnel

Use WhatsApp to create truly effective sales funnels.
With Spoki’s automations you can make your sales funnel interactive by inserting buttons that entice the user to take a concrete action (book a call, confirm an appointment, buy).

Walk your user through all stages of the Customer Journey until conversion.

Make it easier and faster to interact with your customers

Insert buttons within WhatsApp messages and make interactions with your customers faster. Buttons can be quick interaction responses or take the customer directly to a landing page or checkout page. Intercept your customers and lead them into the conversation with a simple tap.

WhatsApp Marketing
WhatsApp Marketing

Create automations linked to your ecommerce

Link your ecommerce to Spoki. It identifies the most important touch points and sends automated messages to customers. Retrieve abandoned carts via WhatsApp message, send Upselling and Crosselling messages, harnessing the power of the world’s most widely used channel.

Send targeted promotional campaigns

You can create lists of customers based on their specific interests and send them targeted promotional campaigns with WhatsApp messages. You can thus send promotional and sales messages to thousands of customers at the same time with a single click, in a scheduled and fully automatic manner.

WhatsApp Marketing
whatsapp marketing platform spoki

Measure the results

View data on automations, messages read, and interactions in the dashboard to get a complete view of your activities on the WhatsApp channel. Find out how many users you have contacted, how many of them have read your communications, how many have interacted. Analyze each piece of data and optimize your results.

Why use WhatsApp channel to increase sales

+27% lead

only with WhatsApp button

Adding a WhatsApp button on the site can result in an increase in sales leads

89% of customers

Simplicity of communications

89% of people would like to communicate with their e-commerce on WhatsApp.


Amazing opening rates

Message open rate vs. email


Immediate and direct

Click Rate 30% higher than traditional channels

23 times a day

WhatsApp access

An average user checks WhatsApp more than 23 times a day.

5 min

+ Fast

Average opening time of the message from its receipt

Don't fall behind. Use the WhatsApp channel in your Business