Integrate WhatsApp with your software in minutes

Thanks to Spoki you can integrate WhatsApp chat with your CRM, management or ecommerce quickly and easily

Integrazione API Spoki WhatsApp

What you can do with Spoki

Integrate WhatsApp in a few lines of code

Thanks to the API made available by Spoki, it will be possible for you to integrate WhatsApp in very few lines of code with your in-house software.

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Complete Customer Journey

Walk your user through all stages of the Customer Journey until conversion.

The Spoki API allows you to send messages or directly initiate automations simply by making a POST call to a specific url indicating to whom to send the message or a specific automation. If the contact is already in the registry it will be updated, otherwise a new one will be automatically created, all in a smart and intuitive way.

Receive events that occurred in chat

With our Webhooks you can receive information about events that occurred in WhatsApp chat so that you can automatically update your CRM or Management.
For example, you can notify your software when a customer clicks a button within the chat or simply writes to you for information.

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Incorporates WhatsApp chat

If what you want is to create a seamless experience for users of your management or software you can embed Spoki chat so that your users never have to leave your software. And you save months of work because you don’t have to reinvent the wheel by rewriting a chat from scratch.

Why use the WhatsApp channel

2,5 B

It is the most widely used channel in the world

Users in the world. In Italy, more than 50% of the population uses WA


User Friendly

Of WA users prefer to interact via messages with businesses


Amazing opening rates

Message open rate vs. email


Immediate and direct

Click Rate 30% higher than traditional channels

5 min

+ Fast

Average opening time of the message from its receipt


High interaction rates

Interaction rate of customers receiving a WA message from a business

Don't fall behind. Use the WhatsApp channel in your Business