WhatsApp Notification Plugin For WooCommerce

Spoki is the WooCommerce plugin that allows you to send order status notifications to your customers directly on WhatsApp and embed chat buttons within your website!

What can spoki do.

1. Retrieve the abandoned trolley

With Spoki, you can send your customers the checkout link for cart retrieval directly on WhatsApp

2. Send notifications about the status of the order

With Spoki you can send your customers order status updates on WhatsApp from the Spoki number

3. Send notification on tracking number

Using notes you can send your customers product tracking information

4. Install chat buttons on the site

You can put several chat buttons on your website for free and incentivize customers to start a conversation with you!

How spoki works.

After downloading, activating and configuring the plugin, select the messages related to the order status you want to send to your customers.

Spoki will automatically communicate with WooCommerce and based on the status of the order will send with its number the message to your customer.

The message will contain the number of the order placed, the name of the store, and the store’s references in case support is required.

Spoki integrazione ecommerce

Why use spoki.

Spoki makes communication with your customers faster and more direct through the use of WhatsApp Business API

Customizable chat buttons

Spoki sends personalized messages to your customers with references to the order placed and your company.

Plugin Ready to use

It is an easy to install and configure plugin, ready to use.

Unlimited messages to contacts

You can send unlimited messages to your contacts.

Simple and reliable

Take advantage of the power, reliability and security of our WordPress plugin.

No activation fee

Spoki’s WooCommerce plugin installs for free with no activation fee.

WhatsApp Business API

Spoki is an official WhatsApp reseller.

Retrieve all abandoned trolleys.

  • Send notifications to WhatsApp number
  • Connected with WooCommerce checkout
  • Reduces dropout rates
  • 95% more functional than classic email
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Spoki integrazione ecommerce

No risk. Benefits only.

  • Using the official WhatsApp API
  • Ready to use (configurable in less than 1 minute)
  • Free fixed chat button
  • WooCommerce Buttons
  • Customizable messages and CTA chat buttons
  • WhatsApp notification automatic order update
  • Unlimited messages to contacts
  • 100% compatible with WooCommerce

Quick and easy installation.

We are the ideal option for your online store. You can activate our plugin on WordPress in minutes or completely customize your integration.

1. Install Spoki Plugin

Install and activate the Spoki plugin from the WordPress dashboard, configure the plugin settings.

2. Enter your WhatsApp number.

In settings enter your company details and your WhatsApp number.

3. Select notification messages

Select which automatic notification messages to send to your customers (e.g. order updated, order completed, tracking number, ...)

4. Activate WhatsApp chat buttons on the site.

Select which buttons to use and choose the standard messages to put in the buttons

5. Choose the Spoki Flex plan

Choose which Spoki Flex plan best suits your needs

Spoki integrazione woocommerce

“Never stop improving. We are always looking for new things and innovations for our brand. It sounds like a catchphrase, but it is: we are very pleased to have become one of the first in the Spoki world. With Spoki we have had a +25% increase in the average shopping cart compared to common messaging chats.”

Daniele Rizzo, co-founder at Mister Lavaggio


The telephone number that will be used, will be Spoki's number

Contacts are counted as monthly unique users (30 days). Within the set time period (30 days) you can exchange several messages with the same user, who will always be counted as one.

he sender number will ONLY be customisable with a subscription to Spoki Pro.

No, no limits.

Spoki uses its own official server.

Yes, for companies managing larger monthly contacts there is the possibility of activating Spoki PRO, which allows the management of 500 or 1500 monthly contacts.

Do you like it? Install our plugin now.