Smarty Management is the comprehensive suite of tools and connectors specifically for those selling online, making it possible to integrate all business processes within a single software. With Smarty Management, for example, you can:
  • Centrally manage the multichannel sale of your products on your e-commerce site and major marketplaces
  • Have complete control over all business processes, such as purchase orders, invoicing, inventory, and data analysis
  • Ship all orders from one interface by communicating directly with your couriers and track shipments through to delivery

By integrating with Spoki, you can automatically communicate with your customers via Whatsapp to update them on the status of the shipment and by personalizing messages based on:
  • Sales channel
  • Courier used
  • Products purchased
  • Shipment status

Create your own custom templates on Spoki using these dynamic fields:
  • SMARTY_CUSTOMER: Name of the customer.
  • SSMARTY_ORDER_NUMBER: Order number.
  • SMARTY_ORDER_DATE: Order date.
  • SMARTY_STORE_NAME: Name of the online store
  • SMARTY_STATUS: Shipping status
  • SMARTY_CARRIER: Name of the carrier.
  • SMARTY_TRACKING: Tracking number of the shipment.
  • SMARTY_TRACKING_URL: Tracking link on courier site

Integrate Spoki with Smarty