You can integrate Spoki with 3000+ Web Apps (Klaviyo, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Mailchimp, MailUp, Magento, …) thanks to the Zapier integration.

This integration is very powerful because allows you to Start Automations and Send Transactional Messages.

How to integrate:

  1. Actions on the Spoki Platform
    • Log in to Spoki (you need to buy a PRO Plan)
    • Create your “standard message” in the following path: Menu > Standard Messages > New
    • Give a title to your message, write down the text and insert buttons if needed
    • Click on “Save” and wait the approval by WhatsApp (it can take up to 48 hours)

            After the approval of the message, you can create the new Automation:

    • Click on “Automations” on the Menu
    • Click on “Create” button which is located on the top side at right
    • Give a title to your Automation and click on “Save
    • Click on “Add Starting Trigger” button and select Zapier
    • Copy the “Automation ID” that you will insert in Zapier and click on “Close
    • Add an automatic message to the Automation using the button located at the bottom of the page
    • In the field “Type of message” select “Standard message” and choose after how many seconds you want to send the message
    • Select the standard message that you want to send and click on “Add
    • At the end, click on “Save

        2. Actions on Zapier
             You will be able to connect Spoki with Zapier via the Zapier APP (it will be available in your Zapier list after our invitation).

    • Click on “Create Zap” or select an existing one
    • Select a Trigger App (Klaviyo, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Mailchimp, MailUp, Magento, …)
    • Select the “Trigger Event”
    • Select Spoki as Action
    • Log in Spoki App using the “Secret” previously generated in the Spoki Platform
    • Choose the “Action Event” (Start Automation or Send Standard Message)
    • Past the “Automation ID” or “Standard Message ID”
    • Insert the destination WhatsApp Phone and custom fields (if needed) 
    • Save” and publish the Zap
    • Enjoy 🎉

Integrate Spoki with Zapier