Easter Special 2024: Strategies and Templates for More Sales and Bookings via WhatsApp with Spoki

Easter is fast approaching and offers the perfect time to connect with customers in a direct and meaningful way.

Through Spoki’s WhatsApp Marketing you can send messages that strike straight to the heart, from personalised greetings to exclusive offers on Easter products, discount coupons and creative gift ideas.

We have provided you with useful tips and ready-made templates you can draw inspiration from, designed to stimulate engagement and conversions to purchase.

Customise them to reflect the features and style of your company and your products or services.


Template Messaggio WhatsApp Spoki per Pasqua


Easter is a time of celebration, families gather around long tables laid according to the most ancient culinary traditions.

Take advantage of this to stimulate purchases of typical products: Easter is not just chocolate eggs and doves, but food of all kinds to share with loved ones or to give as gifts to friends!

Promotions should appeal to a sense of urgency and exclusivity, encouraging prospects to act quickly to take advantage of offers. And a small or large discount is always welcome 🙂

It is useful that WhatsApp messages are relevant and respect your customers’ communication preferences, so as to build a relationship of trust. If you used Spoki’s tags, you can select customers according to their tastes.

Here are the message templates:

“Enrich your Easter with our delicacies! 15% discount on the entire menu, from starters to desserts

Use the code “SUPERPASQUA24″ or order here on WhatsApp and impress all your family and friends.

If you reach a minimum order, you’ll get lots of tasty surprises for free.

Click here and take advantage of the offer!”


Photos, mini-videos, presentations and more: everything you can share via WhatsApp to entice customers to buy is highly recommended.

Send massive messages and show off the best of your shop!

And if you can, take segmentation into account to make your WhatsApp campaigns more effective.

But what is segmentation specifically?

It means differentiating customers according to their preferences, purchase history, and demographic data. You will notice an increase in interaction with your messages and the number of purchases.

Want an example of a message to send? Here it is:

“Easter = Savings

Discover offers on all products, with discounts of up to 15%.

Type “EASTER24″ at the online checkout or on WhatsApp and activate your discount.

❌ Don’t waste time, offer only available until midnight!

Reply to this message now and save up to 15% on all products.”


Easter is synonymous with rebirth: what better time to sport a new look? And why not anticipate your clientele by previewing customised promotions and offers?

Moreover, it is a good opportunity to tell your brand and stand out from the competition.

Incorporate storytelling into your WhatsApp marketing campaigns, convey the values and principles through which your business operates. Why do you do what you do? Tell your story and generate interest and empathy.

Here is a cue for your promotional messages on WhatsApp:

“Ready to turn your Easter into a very long catwalk?

We have just the thing for you: from spring looks to elegant outfits, together we will make this day flawless.

Type “DRESSCODE24″ and get 20% off all our outfits specially created for this celebration.

Impress and amaze at Easter. Discover our special offers now”.


Easter is also a short holiday away from home!

And you can present yourself as the perfect place to spend this holiday through Spoki’s WhatsApp Marketing.

One of the most underestimated strategies is to maintain a constant dialogue with former guests: those who have already been to your establishment and had a pleasant experience are more likely to come back.

Use WhatsApp to strengthen the bond with your guests and increase loyalty. Take advantage of this to deseasonalise your offer and secure bookings even in the low season.

Here is an example of a WhatsApp message to inspire you

“Easter is a unique experience not to experience it in total relaxation.

With the code “PASQUA24″ you can take advantage of exclusive discounts on all our packages.

A great opportunity for an unforgettable experience.

Click below and take advantage of the offer!”


There is no limit to WhatsApp marketing. Every sector can benefit from direct and warm communication via Spoki.

Thus, messages can vary from simple Easter greetings – always welcome – to reserved discounts and promotions even unrelated to the occasion.

Use WhatsApp with Spoki to communicate these opportunities creatively and connect with your customers on specific topics, showing the uniqueness of your brand.

Remember to always use Spoki’s tags to qualify your contacts and then divide them into groups according to their purchasing preferences or socio-demographic characteristics.

Take advantage of automations to save time and insert buttons in Spoki message templates: you can insert up to 10 buttons in a single message!


Use these tips and templates to make Easter a super productive holiday!

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