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98% Reading Rate

+20% Interaction Rate

x23 Return on Investment

+30% Increase in Sales

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    Make WhatsApp your first channel for Sales, Marketing and Customer Service

    WhatsApp is the communication channel most used by your customers and it is on this channel that companies today must develop business with Sales, Marketing and Customer Care actions.

    Here's what Spoki's WhatsApp Software can do:

    • Send WhatsApp Campaigns with Multiple, Massive and Unlimited WhatsApp Messages
    • Automating and Scheduling WhatsApp Messages
    • Integrate WhatsApp with E-commerce, CRM, management and over 4,000 Marketing software
    • Create WhatsApp chatbots and auto responders
    • Managing H24 WhatsApp chats with the help ofartificial intelligence
    • ManagingCustomer Support and Sales with a WhatsApp CRM.

    More than 2,000 customers are already making money with Spoki

    No Subscription Required: With Spoki you only pay for what you consume!

    Spoki is the most affordable WhatsApp Marketing software on the market: a few cents for 24-hour Conversations with unlimited WhatsApp messages to your contacts.

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    Spoki's WhatsApp Marketing, a useful tool for all sectors

    Spoki is a WhatsApp Marketing Automation tool that is flexible and adaptable to multiple industries:

    E-commerce - Physical Stores - Call Centers - Professional offices - Medical offices - Diagnostic centers - Training institutions - Hospitality Facilities - Restaurants, Pubs, Bars, Wine Shops - Supermarkets - Car Dealerships - Events Organization - ... and much, much more

    Spoki integrates ChatGPT's artificial intelligence with WhatsApp

    Spoki integrates ChatGPT's AI with WhatsApp directly and natively: train your AI and let your Virtual Assistant suggest answers in chats or respond for you H24.

    It also generates message templates with Artificial Intelligence, creates a summary of voice messages in chat and saves time in listening, translates messages from different languages: these are just some of the possibilities of WhatsApp Marketing Automation integrated withArtificial Intelligence!


    Advertise on WhatsApp and Increase Sales by +30%.

    Overcome the limitations of WhatsApp Business with the official WhatsApp API and integrate Spoki automations:

    • Send advertising WhatsApp messages, flyers, newsletters
    • Achieve an open rate of up to 98% (email 20%)
    • Save time and human resources with WhatsApp Automation
    • Managing H24 chats with the help of Artificial Intelligence responding for you
    • Build automatic WhatsApp message streams based on conditions

    Send massive, multiple and automatic WhatsApp messages: harness WhatsApp's super powers with Spoki!

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    Integrates spoki with
    +4,000 Marketing Tools

    Take advantage of Spoki's WhatsApp Marketing opportunities.


    With Spoki you easily integrate WhatsApp with ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, Woocommerce, Prestashop and many others. Discover ready-made WhatsApp Automation, such as retrieving abandoned carts or requesting reviews. Send Whatsapp with promotions, discount codes, up-sell and cross-sell, use tags and filters and segment customers based on their behavior: send the right message to the right customer and increase your revenue!



    Use WhatsApp to manage customer chats, open support tickets, manage your WhatsAPP CRM with tags and follow-up communications, send WhatsApp with informational materials and non-response notifications. Use WhatsApp Chatbot with artificial intelligence built into Spoki to provide H24 responses: immediate answers and happy customers!



    Advertise by sending automated, massive and multiple Whatsapp messages! Segment your contacts with tags and filters, use dynamic fields to further qualify your users, integrate WhatsApp Automation into your communication strategy: talk to your customers on their preferred channel.



    Increase conversions with WhatsApp, send mass WhatsApp messages to your contacts or segment your target audience with tags, dynamic fields and filters. Schedule WhatsApp messages and use auto responders and Chabot WhatsApp, even with AI-turn your contacts into customers!  



    Are you a professional or medical practice, hospitality facility or business that needs to send reminders to your clients? Send booking confirmations on WhatsApp, manage appointment reminders with automations, send documents and utility messages to customers. Use WhatsApp Chatbot with AI to manage H24 communications with users!



    Easily build advanced chatbots for WhatsApp and message flows. Plan automations and integrate to other Marketing, E-commerce, CRM and management software.



    View real-time WhatsApp statistics such as the amount of messages sent, read or interacted with. Segment your customers by creating lists with respect to actions taken at various stages of your automation.

    No Subscription Required and Activation without a Credit Card

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    Spoki is the Software to Advertise and Sell on WhatsApp

    Make the most of the WhatsApp channel to increase your Sales: create WhatsApp advertisements and send massive and multiple promotional messages. Spoki does not require any subscription!

    Use Spoki as Software to Schedule WhatsApp Message Sending.

    With Spoki you can schedule WhatsApp sending according to your needs. You can send multiple scheduled messages based, for example, on particular dates, such as your customer's birthday.

    What is a "Conversation" on WhatsApp?

    A Conversation is a 24-hour chat with a single user. With Spoki you can send a WhatsApp message for opening a conversation or replying to a chat: for the price of a single conversation you can chat with your contact over the next 24 hours by sending unlimited messages.

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