A superior sales experience by integrating Spoki’s WhatsApp and Shopify.

Enrich your e-commerce ecosystem by combining the unique advantages of Shopify with the ability of WhatsApp and Spoki to create authentic and lasting relationships with your customers.


1. A different eCommerce experience

Through Shopify and Spoki’s WhatsApp, you will transform your customer service with immediate and relevant communications, strengthening the connection and enhancing their online shopping experience.

2. Advanced Customisation of Communications

The integration enables customised and automated messages based on users’ actions on Shopify, such as order confirmations and shipping updates, enriching the customer experience with timely and valuable information.

3. Sales Process Optimisation

Automating order and service communications on WhatsApp reduces the operational load, giving the opportunity to focus on higher value-added tasks.

4. Enhanced customer loyalty

Personalised and immediate communications via WhatsApp intensify customer engagement, incentivising repeat purchases on Shopify and promoting key metrics such as LTV.

5. Data-driven Insights

Collecting data from interactions on WhatsApp will help you better understand your customers’ needs, refining your marketing strategies and offering products that respond to their preferences.

6. Instant Customer Support

Customer support via WhatsApp ensures quick answers to questions or problems, raising customer satisfaction and brand perception.

7. Effective Promotion of Products

Spoki makes it possible to launch promotional campaigns on WhatsApp, harnessing Shopify’s customer base for targeted communications that stimulate interest and sales.

8. Facilitation of purchase

The integration makes the path to purchase on Shopify even smoother, with the ability for customers to request information, confirm orders and receive updates directly on WhatsApp.

9. What can be done with Spoki and Shopify?

The adoption of Spoki in conjunction with Shopify not only optimises shop management and improves sales operations but also creates a direct communication bridge with customers, enhancing every aspect of the e-commerce experience with a tangible impact on satisfaction and loyalty.


Configuration | Integrating Spoki and WhatsApp with Shopify

Spoki allows you to connect Shopify so that you can contact your customers using the WhatsApp channel and update them

  • on the status and update of orders;
  • sending tracking numbers to monitor the shipment;
  • any other communication you want to send to your customer;
  • much more.

To start the first automations follow the steps HERE.

While HERE you can find the training video with Shopify.


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