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Spoki’s culture

Spoki’s corporate culture is the key to our success, founded on a boundless passion for our customers, a united team, and a balance of trust, autonomy and responsibility. These values are the pillars that guide our every action and decision.







Helping millions of businesses create a more authentic, direct and personal relationship with their customers, building lasting relationships of value.

Be first

in transparency

Spoki aims to pioneer a change in the way we communicate with customers, putting the value and authenticity of the relationship before everything.

An idea made of people

Work with us

Spoki can bring significant economic value to companies:

increasing the economic value of companies through effective communication.

optimising companies’ communication management costs

reducing the technical limits of human work

by managing communications in a modular manner:
● through automatic management
● through manual management

Press kit

Enter and experience the world of Spoki. Download the Press Kit and retrace with us all the stages of our journey.