Offer your customers access to WhatsApp's Official API.

Make it possible for all your customers to use the WhatsApp Business API channel and get their communication off the ground

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Agencies using Spoki

Why choose Spoki

Partnership and Affiliate Programs

We offer Partnership or Affiliate programs to marketing agencies, digital agencies, consultants or freelancers who want to offer Spoki to their clients.

whatsapp api marketing platform spoki
whatsapp api marketing platform spoki

Manage your clients from a single platform

Manage one or more of your clients’ accounts from a single platform. Select client account, create automations, manage credit and conversations. You will have the ability to access each account from a specific section in the platform.

Customized Customer Account

Each of your customers will have a personalized account with a dedicated, WhatsApp-approved number.
Each of your clients will only have access to their own account and will not be able to view the agency account or other clients’ accounts.

Click here to find out the product categories that can be approved by WhatsApp for API use.

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spoki integrazioni tool

Integrated communication

With Spoki you can easily integrate WhatsApp into your current communication strategy and integrate it with the software ecosystem you already use.
Thanks to the different integrations you can implement an omnichannel strategy that accompanies the user through all stages of the custome journey.

Duplicate strategy across multiple accounts

With your platform you will have the ability to create templates, automations, funnels and more and duplicate them in your clients’ accounts with just a few clicks.
This will enable you to create a communication flow that can be easily replicated and used by your customers.

chatbot su whatsapp
spoki integrazioni tool

Support and Training

By joining our programs you will get dedicated training and support that will give you the opportunity to know and use Spoki 100%.

Spoki is the ideal solution for


Send transactional messages, order status, retrieve carts, send promotions and request reviews, automatically, on WhatsApp.

Event Organization

Send thousands of people notifications, communications, entry passes, media and more on WhatsApp.

Store Offline

Create communication funnels, send out promotions, communicate news, catalogs and current promos.

Professional Studies

Sends appointment confirmation or reminder, sends receipts or relevant information in real time and in an automated way.


Create funnels, receive bookings, send promotions and request reviews in an automated way

Accommodation Facilities

Send order confirmation, appointment reminder and media. Do lead generation by integrating WhatsApp with advertising campaigns.

Beauty centers

Send promotions, notify the latest news, create templates with buttons that allow instant booking.


It sends messages to customers in an automated way, communicates current workouts or promos, and reactivates dormant customers.


Propose Spoki to all franchisees so they can manage communication with their customer base on WhatsApp


Promote nightly activities on WhatsApp: send promotions, new events, participation reminders, and more.

Call Center

Use WhatsApp for follow-up communications, sending informational materials, and non-response notifications.


Send out flyers, promotions, and news of the moment and also reach users who do not have the number saved in their address book.

Leverage the power of the WhatsApp channel in your communication strategy,
Find out how with Spoki