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Prepaid top-up plan. No monthly subscription.

Piano Starter

Free chat messages
/24h chat
All available integrations
No fees, strings or subscriptions
Stand-alone Activation
3 agents
3.000 contacts
No Support
No Chat Operators
No Ticketing
Minimum Recharge 49.00€3
Recharge Validity 3 Months9
Free Activation
Money Back Guaranteed


Free chat messages
/24h chat
All available integrations
No fees, strings or subscriptions
Assisted Activation
Training 1 to 1 (1x30 min)
5 agents
10.000 contacts
Standard Support 5 B/days
No Chat Operators
No Ticketing
Minimum Recharge 199.00€3
Recharge Validity 3 Months9
399€ One-time Activation
Money Back Guaranteed


Free chat messages
/24h chat
All available integrations
No fees, strings or subscriptions
Assisted Activation
Training 1 to 1 (2x30 min)
15 agents
100.000 contacts
Standard Support 5 B/days
No Chat Operators
Minimum Recharge 499.00€3
Recharge Validity 3 Months9
€799 One-time Activation
Money Back Guaranteed


Free chat messages
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30 Days to experience Spoki

Full Money Back Guarantee8

Dedicated support



Priority 1 business day support and direct line to dedicated Success Manager 7

Rates per conversation

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To apply for activation of the platform you must have: VAT number, website, Facebook Business Manager.

Per WhatsApp rules, not all commercial activities can use the official API. In general, we can say that the following are excluded: illegal/illegal activities, selling alcohol, tobacco, medicines, sex toys and live animals. For more information, click here

To find out how to activate Spoki visit the dedicated page: How to activate it.

In order to use Spoki, you need to request and approve a dedicated WhatsApp number, so you cannot make test sendings without having activated the platform and made a recharge.

You can use your WhatsApp Business number or provide us with a new phone number, even a landline. In all cases, the number you provide us with will be enabled to support WhatsApp's official API and you will not be able to use that number on traditional WhatsApp Apps.

NB: if you decide to use your WhatsApp number, you will no longer be able to use the WhatsApp Private and WhatsApp Business Apps to communicate with your customers. Therefore, all conversations opened on this number will follow the pricing provided during activation.

Yes, the recipient does not necessarily have to have your number saved in his address book: he will still receive your WhatsApp message.

Yes, Spoki is a cloud application, you can use it with all browsers and access it simultaneously from any PC or mobile device.

Yes, you can log in simultaneously from as many devices as you want. No access limit.

Yes, you can import your contacts into Spoki via csv and start automations for a list of contacts.

The limit varies according to the plan chosen.

You can use the payment method you prefer: credit card, prepaid card, PayPal, bank transfer.

Of course, with WhatsApp Business Api you can contact all your contacts and be sure that the message arrives even if the recipient does not have your number saved in the address book.

WhatsApp Business API is a channel that WhatsApp has chosen to offer for a fee, dedicated primarily to the corporate world, due to its power and performance. WhatsApp Business API overcomes the limitations of the WhatsApp Business App, allowing the channel to be used for business and marketing purposes.

To send messages to your customers, simply update your privacy policy by adding the use of the WhatsApp channel to the channels you already use today.

The conversation will be officially opened, and thus the conversation opening fee will be paid, when the message received from the customer is answered.

Spoki works, everywhere.

For Mac, Windows, iOS and Android


All prices are exclusive of VAT.

  1. The conversation is a 24-hour session starting from the first message exchanged with the client (visit our manual to learn more). The price of the conversation varies according to the country of the person you are writing to. The price shown is for recipients in Italy.
    See all rates
    . In the Pro and Pro Max plans, the conversation price varies according to the recharge made. The indicated conversation price is applied to the largest refill, so the prices of smaller refills are higher.
  2. In the Basic plan, the first recharge to be paid in advance to continue with Spoki activation. Refills are valid for 12 months.
  3. Agents are the users who can access the same company account.
  4. Total contacts that you can upload and manage in the platform. Once the number of contacts in the plan has been exhausted, it will no longer be possible to add new contacts unless you move to the next plan. A contact is equivalent to a unique managed phone number.
  5. The onboarding phase is necessary in order to activate the WhatsApp Cloud API channel. It is a delicate process in which you send us data about your business that Meta verifies. This activation process is performed in multiple steps and can have a duration of 30 days . It will be simply follow the instructions we will send you from time to time all the necessary instructions. However, we are available to assist you at this stage with a small contribution.
  6. Phone, email or WhatsApp support is available only for bugs or malfunctions. For everything else, you can take advantage of the user manual found at support.spoki.co.uk.
  7. Up to a maximum of 2 hours per month of dedicated support
  8. We expect a full refund within 30 days of purchasing the product, in the event of:
    Onboarding not started
    Onboarding started
    Onboarding completed and first top-up not done
    Onboarding completed, first top-up done and amount not spent
    Onboarding completed, first top-up made and amount spent + free credit. Only the credit used will not be refunded
    Onboarding completed, first top-up completed, amount spent in full (free credit and top-up purchased). In this case only the activation will be refunded.
    In the event of a ban on the number by WhatsApp, only the NON-consumption credit will be refunded
  9. 3 months has to be intended as 90 solar days.