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Access to 3 team members

3,000 total contacts

No support

Minimum Recharge €49.00





Access to 5 team members

10,000 total contacts

Support within 5 days

Minimum Recharge €199.00





Access to 15 team members

100,000 total contacts

Support within 3 days

Minimum Recharge €499.00


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What is a conversation?

It is a 24-hour session within which you can send endless messages.

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TrainingHandbook1 to 1 (1x30 min)1 to 1 (2x30min)
Authorized team members3515
Number of Contacts3.00010.000100.000
Technical SupportWithin 5 daysWithin 3 days
Operator Assignment in Chat
Minimum refill49,00€199,00€499,00€
Refill validity 3 months
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Average cost per Conversation€0,10€0,16€0,22
Total costs€ 2.000,00€ 3.101,99€ 3.538,00
Subscriptions€ 0,00€ 299,00€ 1.599,00
Fee meta€ 0,00€ 1.144,00€ 1.144,00
Conversation cost€ 2.000,00€ 514,00€ 700,00
Operators€ 0,00€ 690,00€ 95,00
Automations€ 0,00€ 450,00€ 0,00
Integrations€ 0,00€ 4,99€ 0,00
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Messages Template

  • What are conversations?

    A conversation is defined as a 24h session starting from when the message was received on the recipient's phone. Within this slot, all messages exchanged will be free.

  • What kind of message can I send with Spoki?

    WhatsApp approves, through Spoki, template messages, which are pre-set examples of messages you can send.

    A few examples. "I confirm your reservation (...)", "Your package has been shipped", "Your reservation code is ...","We will deliver your pizza in 10 minutes", etc.

  • What happens once I send one of the standard messages?

    After receiving a response from the recipient, a 24-hour window opens with your client within which you can send free messages (i.e., without needing approval from WhatsApp)

  • After 24h the chat is deleted?

    Absolutely not. You will be able to review the chat in the chat section directly in the platform

  • Are these standard automated messages?

    You can create your own template messages to submit for WhatsApp approval. Once approved, you can send them to your customers.

  • Is there a limit to the messages I can send?

    Spoki has no limits!

  • Can videos also be sent with Spoki?

    Sure, videos, photos, any media files!

  • Can you also send advertising information?

    Of course!

  • Do you only pay for outgoing conversations?

    No, the conversation is initialized when the message arrives on the customer's phone.
    When, on the other hand, it is the customer who writes to the company, the conversation starts (and therefore the conversation activation cost will have to be supported) when the company responds to the customer's message.


All prices are exclusive of VAT.

  1. The conversation is a 24-hour session from the first message exchanged with the client(visit our manual to learn more). The price of the conversation varies depending on the country of the person you are writing to. The price shown is for recipients in Italy. See all rates. In the Plus and Professional plans, the cost per conversation and the minimum recharge to be made is indicated
  2. The onboarding phase is necessary in order to activate the WhatsApp Cloud API channel. It is a delicate process in which you send us data about your business that Meta then verifies. This activation process is performed in several steps and can last several days. You will just need to follow the instructions we will send you all the necessary instructions from time to time. However, we are available to assist you in this step for a small fee.
  3. Each plan requires a minimum and specific recharge. Recharges are valid for 3 months. It is possible to activate the Plus and Professional plans and recharge at a later date. Only the Starter plan requires an initial top-up in advance, which is essential to proceed with activation.
  4. Agents are the users who can access the same company account.
  5. Total contacts that you can upload and manage in the platform. Once you have exhausted the number of contacts provided in the plan, you will no longer be able to add new contacts unless you move to the next plan. A contact is equivalent to a unique managed phone number.
  6. Phone, email or WhatsApp support is available only for bugs or malfunctions. For everything else, you can take advantage of the user manual found at
  7. Up to a maximum of 2 hours per month of dedicated support
  8. Satisfied or refunded: a refund is provided only if requested by the customer via email (at within 30 days of purchasing the Spoki service in the following cases:
    • 8.1 Number activation not done,
    • 8.2 Activation completed and recharge amount not spent,
    • 8.3 Activation completed and recharge amount partially spent (the amount related to activation + unused remaining credit will be refunded);
    • 8.4 Activation completed and recharge amount fully spent (the amount related to activation only will be refunded);
    • 8.5 In case of number ban by WhatsApp as a result of messaging, only the unused credit (not the activation amount) will be refunded.
    • 8.6 Plan upgrades do not fall under the activation category and are not subject to the conditions of satisfaction or refund.
  9. For the purpose of calculating the 3 months of validity of refills this period should be understood as 90 calendar days.