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Spoki is the first Italian platform
to integrate Whatsapp’s official APIs

Spoki automates your Communication:

  • Marketing
  • Sale
  • Assistance

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Spoki live chat:
instant support,
multi-operator management,
satisfied customers.

Sara - Sales Manager


Julius - Customer Service


Miriam - Marketing Manager


Simple Integrations
and Scalable with Spoki.
Over 4000 Tools.

Spoki manages Support through
Chatbot and Live Chat

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Opening rate98%65%10%
Interaction rate20%10%1,5%
Reaction timeMinutesHoursDays
Type of communication

With Spoki you personalize the customer experience at every stage of the Customer Journey


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Simple, fast and intuitive platform, like communication with your customers.

Personalized notifications, advanced segmentation, detailed insights: with Spoki your Marketing will have a new level of efficiency.


WhatsApp +
Artificial Intelligence
To improve your business performance.

A synergy to scale your Business and generate consistently satisfied customers.

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Discover the power of WhatsApp. Send messages with no strings attached and pay only for what you consume.

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Monthly Budget 140.00€ Cost per conversation 0.14€

With the Starter plan you start with no activation fee and give access to 3 employees on your team.


Start texting with no strings attached, pay only what you consume, and discover the power of whatsapp.

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Monthly Budget 140.00€ Cost per conversation 0.14€

Switch to Plus and we'll partner with you to create your first campaign together.


Start texting with no strings attached, pay only what you consume, and discover the power of whatsapp.

Total revenue



Monthly Budget 140.00€ Cost per conversation 0.14€

Professional is an additional upgrade with ticketing capabilities and coordinated management of chat operators.

With Spoki you develop your Business in every industry

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Messages Template

  • What are conversations?

    A conversation is defined as a 24h session starting from when the message was received on the recipient's phone. Within this slot, all messages exchanged will be free.

  • What kind of message can I send with Spoki?

    WhatsApp approves, through Spoki, template messages, which are pre-set examples of messages you can send.

    A few examples. "I confirm your reservation (...)", "Your package has been shipped", "Your reservation code is ...","We will deliver your pizza in 10 minutes", etc.

  • What happens once I send one of the standard messages?

    After receiving a response from the recipient, a 24-hour window opens with your client within which you can send free messages (i.e., without needing approval from WhatsApp)

  • After 24h the chat is deleted?

    Absolutely not. You will be able to review the chat in the chat section directly in the platform

  • Are these standard automated messages?

    You can create your own template messages to submit for WhatsApp approval. Once approved, you can send them to your customers.

  • Is there a limit to the messages I can send?

    Spoki has no limits!

  • Can videos also be sent with Spoki?

    Sure, videos, photos, any media files!

  • Can you also send advertising information?

    Of course!

  • Do you only pay for outgoing conversations?

    No, the conversation is initialized when the message arrives on the customer's phone.
    When, on the other hand, it is the customer who writes to the company, the conversation starts (and therefore the conversation activation cost will have to be supported) when the company responds to the customer's message.