Case Study | How to innovate the Automotive Sector by increasing turnover by 30% with an investment in Spoki of only €150


In a dynamic industry such as the automotive sector, the Stellantis Pulzoni - Antonelli dealership wants to improve contact management, flexibility in customer requests, and reduction of operator downtime. Together with DNA Creative, Spoki's official partner agency, they researched and then found an innovative solution to overcome these challenges. Its name? WhatsApp with Spoki, through which begins a revolution in their approach to customer communication.

Case study

DNA Creative, the official partner agency of Spoki, implemented customized solutions through Spoki, significantly improving communication with customers of the Pulzoni - Antonelli dealership.

The use of automated messages, including welcome on WhatsApp, notification about annual maintenance and delivery of new vehicles, has enabled more effective and timely communications to be initiated, with drastically reduced wait times and a dramatic increase in customer satisfaction rates. During January and February, 3,300 messages were sent through Spoki, with an impressive 93 percent open rate and 56 percent interaction rate.


Initial Goals

The Pulzoni - Antonelli dealership aimed to optimize the sale of new and used cars, electric motorcycles, long-term rentals and workshop services, as well as improve flexibility in handling customer requests and reduce staff downtime. In addition, the WhatsApp channel was leveraged to inform customers about government incentives for purchasing the latest cars, resulting in a significant increase in appointment rates for pre-contract signing. Prior to the introduction of Spoki, strategies focused on traditional advertising and email marketing, with mixed results.

Implementation and Integration

Spoki has been successfully integrated within the digital ecosystem of the Pulzoni - Antonelli dealership, including CRM and other tools such as Google Calendar and ActiveCampaign. This integration has greatly simplified sales and communication processes, making customer service more effective and personalized.

Sales and Communication Flows

Thanks to Spoki and official partner agency DNA Creative, the strategies adopted have transformed sales and communication flows, making the purchase path more efficient and improving the customer experience, from initial inquiry to purchase, through automated and personalized communications. This has shortened response times and increased overall efficiency.

Results Achieved

DNA Creative's work with Spoki has brought tangible results:

  • Reduction of lead management time by 60%;
  • Economic savings on personnel of 14,000 euros, with the same people diverted to higher value-added tasks;
  • 30% increase in coupons;
  • A significant increase in customer engagement, as evidenced by an investment budget in Spoki of only €150;
  • Great satisfaction with the speed and effectiveness of communication, with customers giving an average score of 8 out of 10 for satisfaction.


These results highlight the added value of Spoki as a replicable model in the automotive sector as well, improving sales and service processes and leading to greater efficiency and customer satisfaction at the Pulzoni - Antonelli dealership.


Company: Pulzoni - Antonelli Dealership
Agency: DNA Creative

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