More bookings with WhatsApp advertising: Studio Professionale Vassallo gets +34% more appointments thanks to Spoki

Increasing bookings, optimising appointment management, improving customer service: this is how Spoki’s WhatsApp Marketing can help the practice sector, with a versatile solution that can be adapted to different areas.

One example is Studio Vassallo in Salerno, the largest dental centre in Campania, which stands out for its recognised quality of service and technological innovation.

Through the integration of WhatsApp with Spoki and the consultancy of partner agency DNA Creatives, the Studio found an answer not only to the need for more bookings, but also for optimisation in the management of appointments and customer care.

Here again, Spoki with WhatsApp provided an excellent alternative to email marketing and saturated traditional communication channels.



With the help of DNA Creative agency, Spoki’s partner, Studio Vassallo started a marketing journey involving several points of contact with existing and potential clients:

  • Launching campaigns with massive and automatic messages through WhatsApp with Spoki;
  • Managing the flow of contacts, with CRM and Customer Care activities such as responding to different requests in real time;
  • Sending reminders of appointments with the firm;
  • Collecting reviews through the use of ticketing.

Through these actions, during thequarter of October – December 2023, Studio Vassallo achieved 90% read rates of communications via WhatsApp, with over 4,500 messages opened, read and interacted with by recipients.

This contributed to a34% increase in appointments, from 300 to 400 bookings per month, demonstrating the effectiveness of Spoki in improving patient interaction and optimising processes for these use cases as well.

Budget invested for Spoki management? Only 200 € per month.


Studio Vassallo’s Goals

The initial objective was to increase the quality of the acquired contacts in order to turn them into bookings. Not only that, the firm aimed to improve customer service management through a direct and personal channel in order to reduce the call centre’s workload.

Optimisations then translated into an increase in appointments and sales: these are just some of the goals that Spoki achieves with WhatsApp in all areas in which it is used.

Caso Studio Professionale email vs whatsapp

Integrating Spoki into the Marketing Strategy

The integration of Spoki into existing marketing flows was simple. Its versatility allowed it to be easily adapted in just a few steps.

After registering via any of the various platforms (website, landing page, Facebook or Google forms), potential customers receive an automatic WhatsApp message requesting their preferred time to be contacted.



This not only provides immediate information on the level of interest, but also helps to prioritise calls, establish a direct and convenient communication channel compared to traditional email, and increase customer satisfaction through a timely and personalised response.



In essence, by sending automated WhatsApp messages with Spoki, the practice was able to send reminders, confirm appointments and answer patients’ questions, all with an investment of only €200 per month.

Using the Spoki platform in a creative way, the company initiated a flow of request reviews via WhatsAppadoptingthe ticketing functionality. A great practice to increase social proof, reputation and consideration of the company.



Results obtained with Spoki’s WhatsApp Marketing

The results achieved by Studio Vassallo thanks to Spoki’s integration have been exceptional:

  • 34% increase in bookings within 3 months;
  • 90% read rate of WhatsApp messages compared to 20% for emails;
  • Immediate interaction with patients, who expressed appreciation for the speed and efficiency of communication;
  • Customer satisfaction rated 9 out of 10.
  • Flexibility and efficiency in an area where other alternatives had failed to deliver.
  • Increased call centre efficiency, freed from non-productive contacts;
  • Improved customer relationship, customer care management.

Spoki, a versatile solution for Professional Studios

Technological innovation and customisation of communication are the winning keys for any company in any market. This is why it is essential to adopt flexible and versatile solutions such as Spoki with WhatsApp.

WhatsApp, with open rates close to 100 per cent, emerges as an effective marketing tool that creates immediate contact with customers. With WhatsApp Marketing, companies have a unique opportunity to distinguish themselves through mass automated messaging, optimised customer flow management with a dedicated CRM, and exclusive support to retain your audience. These strategies are cross-sectoral, as the integration of WhatsApp with Spoki allows for business development in different industries.

Company: Studio Vassallo
Agency: DNA Creative Agency

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