Case Study | Invest €14,000 to get €300,000 in sales through Spoki: the case of food ecommerce Oltresole

Is it possible to achieve an annual turnover increase of €300,000 with 3,600 more orders on the books? Absolutely yes, even in saturated and hypercompetitive markets such as that of organic food products in which the ecommerce, a Romagna-based company in the sector for several years, operates, combining tradition and quality raw materials with the innovation that only the best experts in the production chain can bring.

A genuineness capable of generating bonds that become integral parts of a story. An exceptional result that we both want to tell you about.


Ecommerce Oltresole con Spoki


In this case study we will go through all the steps that produced an excellent performance in such a central business metric as ROAS: for every euro invested on the Spoki platform, gained 21 euros.

More importantly, how this was achieved by significantly improving the relationship with customers already close to the company, and not only by achieving new contacts. In fact, the excellent retention rate with periodic repurchases is one of the main indications of this success case and the positive effect of introducing WhatsApp into the communication flows.

In numbers, over the span of 2023, a spend of €14,400 on Spoki brought orders worth a total of €300,000 in revenue thanks to WhatsApp automation, equal to an X21 of ROAS.


The Oltresole Goals

From a CRO perspective, it is critical to reduce all the friction that users may encounter along their paths to purchase within ecommerce. So why not make use of the world’s most widely used online messaging channel? Here is the reason for the introduction of WhatsApp.

Promotions, inquiries, order tracking, and customer service: every aspect of corporate communication needs to be taken care of and timely so that it is personalized for all types of customers identified at the strategic level. That’s why Spoki seemed like the right solution.

Even from the first conversations, the difference is clear, with recording a Whatsapp message open rate unheard of for other channels previously used: 82% read messages versus the 26 percent average for email marketing.

Reason why decided to put the WhatsApp channel alongside and in preference to the more traditional email.

The integration between Spoki and Prestashop ecommerce

The integration of Spoki within’s marketing plan has been a success and, thanks to its incredible flexibility, has led the Emilia-based brand to quickly set up acquisition flows and key conversions on Prestashop.

In fact, Spoki offers full integration with this ecommerce platform and provides several pre-set automations.



Sales and Communication Flows

In order to build the best possible customer experience for all users, Spoki has enabled several automated flows on WhatsApp.

Here are the main ones:

  • the presentation of monthly promotions, also taking advantage of the QR Code, that could engage private customers;
  • the integration of Qaplà, Spoki’s shipping management partner, in order to make the order always traceable by the user;
  • the recovery of abandoned carts, automation preset with Prestashop.


Results achieved with Spoki’s WhatsApp Marketing

    A brief summary of what Oltresole achieved through the use of the Spoki platform during 2023:

    • initiated +16,000 new conversations with an 82% open rate, helping to generate new customer relationships and strengthening existing ones;
    • received an increase of +300 new monthly orders;
    • generated €300,000 in annual revenue with an average of +25,000 monthly and just under €1,200 budget invested on Spoki;
    • generated X21 in ROAS, well above the results of other traffic and customer acquisition channels;
    • reduced the rate of returns, thanks to a more direct relationship via WhatsApp with Spoki;
    • finally, discovered and integrated a powerful customer acquisition, conversion, and retention channel on which to base future marketing strategies: WhatsApp with Spoki.


    Given the excellent results and economic impact of the WhatsApp channel, Oltresole’s teams and Spoki’s customer success is committed to implementing additional sales and customer service flows with Spoki to make the pre- and post-purchase experience even more effective.

    Company: Oltresole
    Administrator: Luca Giunchi

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