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The benefits of Integration between Spoki, WhatsApp and your Custom E-commerce

The integration between Spoki, WhatsApp, the most widely used messaging app globally, and an internally developed e-commerce system offers a unique opportunity for companies to enhance online sales and improve customer interaction. This combination enables direct and personalized communication, intelligent automation of notifications, and detailed analysis of customer interactions. Let’s explore in detail how these technologies can be integrated to transform your e-commerce business.

1. Communications Automation and Personalization

  • Instant Notifications via WhatsApp

Spoki’s integration with WhatsApp makes it possible to send instant notifications to customers to confirm orders, update on the status of shipments, send reminders of abandoned carts, and announce special offers. This method of communication not only ensures that the message reaches the customer with a very high probability of being read, but also improves the customer experience due to the timeliness of the information.

  • Customised Interactions

Thanks to the data collected by your e-commerce system, communications sent via WhatsApp can be highly customised to suit each customer’s needs and preferences. For example, upselling and cross-selling messages can be based on the customer’s purchase history, improving the effectiveness of campaigns and increasing sales.

2. Deep Integration with the E-commerce System

  • Automatic Triggers Based on Site Events

Specific events on the e-commerce site, such as adding a product to the shopping cart, registering a new user, or finalising a purchase, can be used to trigger automated messages on WhatsApp. This integration makes it possible to set up automation workflows that reduce the need for manual intervention and ensure efficient customer management.

  • Synchronisation of Customer Data

Your e-commerce CRM can be synchronised with Spoki to ensure that all information collected via WhatsApp is up-to-date and complete. This includes updating customer preferences, tracking interactions and managing contact information, which can be crucial for targeted marketing campaigns and effective customer service.

3. Interaction Analysis and Reporting

  • Customer Behaviour Monitoring and Analysis

With the integration of Spoki and WhatsApp into your e-commerce, you can track and analyse customer behaviour in detail. This can include how often messages are opened, click-through rates and conversions from sent messages, providing valuable data that can help you further optimise your sales and marketing strategies.

  • Advanced Reporting

The integration makes it possible to generate advanced reports that provide insights into which products attract the most interest, which offers generate the most sales, and how customers interact with the messages. This data can be crucial for refining the marketing approach and continuously improving the effectiveness of the e-commerce site.

4. Safety and Compliance

  • Data Management in Compliance

Maintaining compliance with current regulations such as GDPR is essential, especially when handling personal customer data. Integrating Spoki, WhatsApp and your e-commerce ensures that all communication and data management is done in compliance with privacy and data protection laws.

The integration of Spoki, WhatsApp and a customised e-commerce system offers enormous potential to transform how you interact with your customers and how you run your business online. This solution not only improves the efficiency and effectiveness of communications but also provides a powerful method to drive sales, improve customer satisfaction and optimise your e-commerce operations.

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