Harness the power of WhatsApp in your marketing communication

Anticipate your customers’ needs: send targeted communications at the right time and build a stable and lasting relationship with customers

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What you can do with Spoki

Integrate WhatsApp to your digital advertising campaigns

Automatically send a message to people who interact with your digital advertising campaigns (Facebook, Instagram, Google, …). Take advantage of the interest of the moment and send interesting content on WhatsApp. Compared to email you will have a communication open rate of about 100% and thus avoid trashing 9 out of 10 leads!

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Create your marketing funnel on WhatsApp

Use WhatsApp to create truly effective funnel marketing.
With Spoki’s automations you can make your marketing funnel interactive and you can insert chat buttons that spur the user to take a concrete action (booking call, confirming appointment, purchase, viewing video).
You can integrate the WhatsApp funnel with the email funnel and achieve comprehensive and high-performance omnichannel communication.

Send targeted marketing campaigns

Segment your customer audience by building highly profiled lists. Send them targeted WhatsApp messages and increase conversions. You can send marketing messages to thousands of customers in this way with a single click and achieve unprecedented results!

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Do Lead Generation via WhatsApp

Through the Spoki platform you can create WhatsApp chat buttons and embed them within your site: you can create floating buttons, fixed chat buttons or create QRCode to convey offline communication.

Users who will need information will be able to get in touch with your business with a simple click.

Send personalized messages

Make communication with your customers more personal and specific through the use of dynamic fields in templates.

Populate the customer card with each customer’s personal data and information, enrich the fields even through customer chat responses, and create your customer database directly on Spoki.

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Measure the results

Monitor the performance of your activities. View reports on messages and conversations initiated, see the total number of messages exchanged, and monitor WhatsApp status.

Analyze each piece of data and optimize your results.

Why use WhatsApp channel to boost Marketing activities

2,5 B

It is the most widely used channel in the world

Users in the world. In Italy, more than 50% of the population uses WA

23 times a day

WhatsApp access

An average user checks WhatsApp more than 23 times a day.

175 million

messages sent to businesses

average you send WhatsApp messages to corporate accounts every day.

53% of customers

Channel populousness

Users in the world. In Italy, more than 50% of the population uses WA

+ 27% sales


Of WA users prefer to interact via messages with businesses

66% consumers

+ confident

average you send WhatsApp messages to corporate accounts every day.

Don't fall behind. Use the WhatsApp channel in your Business