Spoki as a cross-sectional solution

Why is Miriam from Marketing
on Spoki?

98% Open Rate

Fino a x23 ROAS

+20% Engagement Rate

Digital Ads

Spoki automates sending messages on WhatsApp in response to interactions with your campaigns on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Google. Incentivize quick actions, such as newsletter sign-ups or inquiries, and turn your prospects’ interest into conversions.

Easily integrates with


  • Schedule your messages and get more engagement
  • Create contact lists with advanced segmentation and customised tags
  • Manage segmentation with dynamic fields that adapt in real time

Easily integrates with

Why is Sara from Sales
on Spoki?

+30% Sales

+30% Conversion Rate

+40% Cart Recovery

Why is Marco from Support
on Spoki?

Up to 100% Customer Satisfaction

+80% Interaction Rate

Increased Loyalty Rate

CRM Management

  • Integrate and excel with +4000 tools
  • Live chat and centralised multi-operator management
  • Prioritise workflow with ticketing

Easily integrates with

Spoki makes the customer journey unique and engaging in all its phases


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Some industries that use Spoki

How can Andrea the developer integrate Spoki into his own ecosystem?


  • API
  • WebHook
  • chat Embedding

WhatsApp chat integrated into your site

  • Monitor performance with detailed reports on opens and interactions
  • Use Spoki Pixel for even more precise metrics (Coming soon)
  • Discover more features

Easily integrates with