The evolution in WhatsApp Business Marketing has led Spoki to emerge as a leader in advanced Automation and Personalization solutions. With the integration of ActiveCampaign, Spoki not only strengthens its position but introduces an innovative Chat Embedding feature.


Chat Embedding: How it works

The integration between Spoki and ActiveCampaign offers a distinctive feature: the ability to embed WhatsApp Chats directly into the platform. This means that your prospects and future customers can now communicate with companies in real time without leaving the website, turning communication into a powerful tool for immediate conversion. This feature represents a significant competitive advantage in WhatsApp Web Marketing, as it greatly improves the user experience and shortens response times, which are crucial elements for increasing sales on WhatsApp.


Enhancing WhatsApp Campaigns and Advertising on WhatsApp.

With Spoki's Integrated Chat and ActiveCampaign, companies can now run more effective WhatsApp Campaigns by sending mass messages on WhatsApp directly through a single interface. This system not only makes it easier to send multiple WhatsApp messages but also enables detailed personalization using data collected through the platform. Advertisements on WhatsApp thus become more targeted, increasing conversions through meaningful and personalized interactions.

Advanced Automation and Intelligent Segmentation

Automation is a key component of Spoki's strategy, enabling automatic sending of scheduled messages on WhatsApp and effective management of WhatsApp auto-responders for continuous customer support. Advanced segmentation, supported by both Spoki and ActiveCampaign, allows users to be divided into specific groups, optimizing each campaign for precise targets and improving the effectiveness of communications on WhatsApp.

Multichannel Integration and CRM

In addition to WhatsApp, integration with ActiveCampaign enables simultaneous Sms Marketing and Email Marketing strategies, creating a single platform for all digital communications. The convergence of these tools into a single WhatsApp CRM facilitates a holistic view of the customer journey, enhancing marketing strategies through integrated data and automated actions.


The collaboration between Spoki and ActiveCampaign marks a turning point in the WhatsApp Marketing landscape. With Chat Embedding, Companies can not only improve immediate interaction with customers, but also strengthen the management of multichannel communications, thereby increasing efficiency and sales performance. The adoption of these advanced technologies is no longer an option but a necessity for those who wish to remain competitive in today's market.


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