February is the month in which Valentine's Day, a day dedicated to lovers, falls. Regardless of how it is perceived, it is undeniable that this holiday continues to be an unstoppable tradition.

Therefore, physical and online stores, like businesses in other industries, cannot miss the opportunity to increase their revenue with themed offers and promotions, conveyed through Spoki on WhatsApp to reach all potential customers.

With 50 percent of 13- to 36-year-olds still paying attention to Valentine's Day promotions offered by brands, it is clear that it is worthwhile for retailers to invest in this event.

In recent years, we have witnessed an evolution in the meaning of this holiday, which now embraces a broader concept of love, extending to family, friends, self-love and even our pets.

Although classic gifts such as flowers, perfume and jewelry remain popular for February 14, younger generations are exploring new ways to express their feelings.

This evolution represents an opportunity for retailers and ecommerce owners to stand out in the marketplace and explore new ideas that go beyond traditional heart-shaped chocolates. The key is to adopt targeted marketing strategies for Valentine's Day that resonate with this innovative spirit.

Here are some tips for maximizing the effectiveness of your Valentine's Day campaigns on WhatsApp by Spoki:

1. Personalized Gifts and Experiences for Couples

  • Hold a contest or giveaway, encouraging participants to share Valentine's Day-themed stories or photos. This can increase engagement and visibility, as well as create a sense of community around your brand. Use WhatsApp to collect images or other content from your contacts, which can then be conveyed on social.
  • Implement a progressive discount strategy to be sent via Spoki: Customers will receive larger discounts on WhatsApp on subsequent purchases or for purchasing multiple items. For example, you could offer 10 percent off the first item, 15 percent off the second, and so on.

2. Contests, Giveaways and Progressive Discounts

  • Write on WhatsApp to your contacts and offer the option to personalize products for Valentine's Day. This can include engravings, personalized messages or thematic gift wrapping. A personal touch can make your product a favorite option for gifts.
  • For industries such as tourism, wellness, or catering, you may consider creating exclusive experiences for couples, such as romantic dinners, spa packages for two, or day trips. These experiences can be sold as gift packages or special offers, reaching out to contacts via WhatsApp.

3. Theme Collaborations

  • Partner with other companies or brands to create joint offerings. For example, a beauty ecommerce might partner with a chocolate brand to offer a combined gift package. This type of collaboration can open doors to new markets and customers.

4. Don't forget those who can't stand "romance"

  • Not everyone likes snark, so you can use ironic and somewhat cynical communications on the theme of the moment. Think also of anti - Valentine's Day offers, give a green light to sarcasm, without being disrespectful.

5. Think of Singles, too!

  • Although many companies focus primarily on couples and those looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift, numerous brands are seizing the opportunity of this holiday to target the broader singles demographic, emphasizing a growing trend: self-care, or the art of taking care of oneself, devoting time and pampering oneself.


A key to the success of these marketing efforts is the introduction of theWhatsApp channel: here the key is to keep communication personal and relevant, avoiding spam or too frequent and pushy messages. A well-thought-out strategy on WhatsApp can not only increase sales during Valentine's Day, but also strengthen the long-term relationship with your customers.

As such, you can take advantage of Spoki's various features to achieve your goals:

  • Dynamic Fields and Tags: Use Spoki's dynamic fields and customize your messages. Make sure these messages are direct and relevant, highlighting special offers or products for Valentine's Day. Get help from artificial intelligence for template creation in Spoki! Customization can be based on past purchases or preferences expressed by customers, with contact list creation based on tags.
  • Chatbot for Immediate Answers: Implement a WhatsApp chatbot to provide immediate answers to customer questions and suggest Valentine's Day gifts or offers. This can help guide customers toward a purchase and improve the user experience.
  • Feedback and After-Sales Support with Ticketing: Use ticketing features in Spoki to provide efficient customer service. Don't forget to collect feedback after purchase and ask for reviews!

These ideas can be customized and adapted according to your target market and the type of products or services you offer. The important thing is to maintain a focus on adding value for the customer and on a shopping experience that is both unique and memorable.

BONUS. Other Parties and Events in February

  • Feb. 6 -10, Sanremo Festival: A traditional event for Italian viewers, to be exploited with ad hoc messages and creativity.
  • Feb. 8, Maundy Thursday: Carnival begins and can be an opportunity for cheerful and playful communication.
  • Feb. 10, Chinese New Year: A symbolic date for the Chinese community, but one that resonates with the rest of the world. Do you have themed products? Send promos on WhatsApp.
  • Feb. 13, Mardi Gras: On this date the Carnival period ends. If you have themed discounts, create urgency and tell your customers to hurry up and take advantage of them.
  • February 14, Valentine's Day.
  • February 14, beginning of Lent: The period leading up to Easter begins, in 2024, on Valentine's Day itself. It is possible to take advantage of this occasion to start offering deals dedicated to Easter.


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