Taks to perform on Spoki

  • Access Spoki
  • Click on “Integrations”
  • Select “PrestaShop” integration
  • Click on “anable”
  • Copy the generated “Secret”
  • Download the newest version of the module

Tasks to do on your site

  • Log in to your website’s dashboard
  • Go to forms / Forms management / Upload a form
  • Upload the downloaded zip and install the Spoki form
  • In the side navigation bar click on “Spoki”
  • Paste the “secret” previously generated
  • Enable Spoki
  • Save

Connect Spoki to the Form

You can connect Spoki’s automations to specific events in your website

  • Create a Spoki automation with PrestaShop like trigger
  • Add all the step to follow into the automation
  • Copy Automation ID
  • Paste Automation ID into Spoki form
  • Save