In a sensitive and complex sector like healthcare, optimizing processes and improving communication with patients is a constant challenge. Maria Rosaria Nursing Home, led by General Director Luca Empireo, has embarked on a digital transformation path to address these challenges, focusing on the integration of WhatsApp through Spoki. This change has led to tangible results in terms of operational efficiency and patient satisfaction, significantly reducing waiting times for referrals and improving booking management.

Case study

The main problem faced by the Treatment Center was the high rate of "no-shows" at appointments, which greatly affected the efficiency and profitability of the sessions. Consequently, traditional communication was proving onerous and ineffective, leaving room for significant improvement. The solution? Automate communication with patients via WhatsApp, the channel with open rates of up to 98 percent.

The strategy adopted made it possible to confirm patients' attendance at appointments automatically and to inform them about the availability of referrals. Thus, Maria Rosaria Nursing Home, directed by Luca Empireo, faced these challenges with determination, investing €10,000 in Spoki to optimize its operations. The result? A qualitative leap in patient relations, unprecedented operational efficiency, and a reduced administrative workload with an improved experience overall.

The Comparison with other instruments

Prior to the adoption of Spoki, the Treatment Center relied primarily on email for external communications. The switch to WhatsApp has resulted in a higher open and read rate of messages, better integration with the management system, and offered patients the ability to take immediate actions from the messages received.

Implementation and Integration

The integration of Spoki, achieved through collaboration with the in-house development team and the use of WhatsApp's custom API, has enabled optimal communication management. This choice has led to a significant reduction in no-shows and an improvement in service delivery, almost completely eliminating the need for telephone contact for confirmation of appointments and notice of referral availability.

Results Achieved

  • The seat occupancy rate increased from 60% to 90%;
  • Message open rates with Spoki significantly exceeded those of other channels, significantly improving patient engagement;
  • The average waiting time for referral pickup was reduced by 25 days, thus improving patient service and reducing administrative workload;
  • Patients expressed a high degree of satisfaction, rated 8 out of 10 on average, particularly with the timeliness and effectiveness of communication regarding medical reports;
  • Human resources previously employed in telephone contact activities have been redirected to high value-added tasks;
  • With an investment of 10,000€ in 2023 on Spoki, the Treatment Center has achieved relevant goals by showing a marked improvement in reservation management and communication with patients.


Maria Rosaria Nursing Home has demonstrated that, with targeted investment and the adoption of innovative solutions such as Spoki and WhatsApp, it is possible to significantly transform the operations of a healthcare facility. The results speak for themselves: improved efficiency, reduced waiting times, and a significant increase in patient satisfaction. This case study is a concrete example of how technology can also be a key ally in the healthcare sector, inspiring other entities to embark on paths of digitization and innovation.

Company: Maria Rosaria Nursing Home

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