Integrate WhatsApp with the tools you already use

Spoki offers the possibility to integrate Whatsapp to automation marketing tools, CMS e CMR to make faster and more automatic the exchange of informations with Spoki’s customers

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Create unique and integrated communication

Integrate Spoki with your e-commerce

Through integration with eCommerce platforms you can send notifications, transactional messages, tracking numbers automatically to your customers. You will also be able to retrieve abandoned carts and send request reviews directly on WhatsApp, making communication more direct and immediate.

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Integrate Spoki into your management system or CRM

Make communication with your customers more complete through integration with CRM and management. Identify the most relevant events and send your customers information related to the moment they are experiencing via WhatsApp. Create a valuable customer journey and send appointment reminders, notifications, relevant information.

Integration with marketing and marketing automation tools

Optimize your marketing activities by integrating the Whatsapp channel into business communication. With Spoki you can send educational, informational, promotional content. Make effective sales funnels and plan to send a WhatsApp message to the classic email

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Integration with digital advertising campaigns

Automatically sends WhatsApp messages to users who have left their data through advertising campaigns Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc. Sends additional information on WhatsApp and spurs the potential customer to take another action right away: filling out a form, signing up for a newsletter.

Integration via API and Webhook

If you have custom or in-house developed software, you can integrate it with WhatsApp through our API.
In addition, it is possible to use Webhooks that start from Spoki with information about the client’s activities in chat

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